Hospital commander accused of misconduct

This article from the Army Times about the Fort Carson hospital chief accused of misconduct.

Col. John McGrath was suspended in August after the investigation began. The investigation concluded in October that McGrath should not be reinstated as commander because investigators said his continual barrage of inappropriate comments and sexual innuendos degraded the command climate and morale.

This type of behavior has no place in the workplace and should never be tolerated.

However, there was a quote in the article that left me a little confused.

Investigators said McGrath’s lack of tact caused frustration at the hospital. Many described it as a hostile workplace. They said McGrath was overly focused on regulations and cost-cutting. At one point, McGrath refused to show up to a cake-cutting ceremony, saying in an email, “Not sure how staff gathering around cake accomplishes anything.”

His inappropriate comments and sexual innuendos were enough to create a hostile workplace. However, I’m not sure how “overly” focusing on regulations and cost-cutting created a hostile work environment. The Army has a regulation for everything and MEDCOM is moving to cut costs…not sure how “overly” he went on these. And for his email quote, brash, but he has a point.


One thought on “Hospital commander accused of misconduct

  1. Interesting… I believe your prior posts of Officers acting like Gentlemen would remedy the possibilty of this occuring. So, What then are WE doing to eliminate this behavior and promote the model actions? We cant wait for Big Army to create more regulations or (Big Navy either) I’ve come to realize that change begins with me. (or you) Lead a small group, mentor those around you, do what is right. Here check this out: I was exposed to them the last PCS. It is a start. Thanks Rob, I enjoy your perspective.

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