A couple of thoughts on tax time

Over the last several of months, the television ads for tax prep services have begun appearing regularly. If you file your taxes, you have two major options, do it yourself or have someone else do your taxes. If you do it yourself, you can use a tax prep software (depending on the complexity of your return determines the cost) or research (or know) the tax codes and how to fill out the correct forms. Or you can hire someone who basically does the same thing and charges a fee. I wonder how much time and money the US population spends on just preparing their taxes?

The commercial that keeps appearing on tv is H&R Blocks about the billion dollars Americans are overcharged on their taxes every year and how they will help Americans get this money back. So basically, if I’m hearing this correctly, our government overcharged us by a billion dollars and the tax codes are so complicated that I have to hire someone to make sure I’m not getting overcharged because the way the codes are written the typical American doesn’t know they are being overcharged? Think if businesses worked this way. Imagine going to Wal-Mart, getting overcharged and the receipt was so complicated to read, you had to hire someone to see if you had been overcharged. We would be outraged.


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