Small Science, Big Diseases

Interesting post about risk in the pharmaceutical industry. Both large and small companies have to manage risk in order to survive and thrive. This industry is full of risk and lots of failures. It’s how the organization manages that risk, minimizes its losses, and capitalizes on its winners that will show whether or not they survive.


There is grandeur in the small science emerging from a select group of the world’s laboratories. This small science is about to change how we tackle our most troublesome diseases.

Gene therapy. Immunotherapy. Nanomedicine. This is what the next few decades of medicine will look like. But it isn’t coming from big pharma. It’s coming from the little guys. Small pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, once overlooked for both their risky science and questionable market share, are revolutionizing how the industry pursues new therapies. This shift in science comes as big pharma is falling stagnant. Last year, the bulk of profits made by big pharma came from drugs approved prior to 2001. If we look at the percent of big pharma’s profits from drugs created within the last five years, the picture is grim. On average, new therapies make up only 8.3% of their profits. The patents are running out and…

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