Links worth sharing

Blog post from Bill Gardner on “Why didn’t checklists make surgery safer in Ontario?”

A highlight:

This is the most important problem in health services research: how do you get health care providers to examine and transform their workflows thoroughly to improve outcomes, make care more accessible, and reduce cost? My hypothesis is that checklists didn’t work in Ontario because mandates by themselves aren’t sufficient to change behavior.

Another blog post from Bill Gardner on “Caring about quality and caring for the patient.”

NPR planet money podcast. Will a computer decide whether you get your next job?

To hire new employees, some companies are paying less attention to resumes and more attention to data — and the data are leading to some surprising findings.

On today’s show, we take a weird hiring test for a call-center job. And we hear what does (and doesn’t) predict success for everyone from call-center workers to software developers.

This is a potential way of reducing costs in HR.

Econtalk podcast with Moises Velasquez-Manoff on Autoimmune Disease, Parasites, and Complexity.

a discussion of why allergies and autoimmune diseases have been on the rise in the developed world for the last half-century. Velasquez-Manoff explores a recent hypothesis in the epidemiological literature theorizing the increase is a response to the overly hygienic environment in rich countries and the absence of various microbes and parasites. Velasquez-Manoff also considers whether reintroducing parasites into our bodies can have therapeutic effects, a possibility currently under examination through FDA trials. The conversation continues a theme of EconTalk–the challenge of understanding causation in a complex world.

The top ten econtalk podcasts of 2013.


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