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Blog post by Mark Perry on a press release from Express Employment Professionals.

If the minimum wage were raised to $10.10 an hour, as President Obama has proposed, 38 percent of employers who currently pay employees minimum wage say that they would have to let some employees go to cover the cost. Among the same group, 54 percent say they would reduce hiring, and 65 percent say they would raise prices on their goods and services.

“As with any such policy change, there are upsides and downsides. But based on this survey, there’s no denying that raising the minimum wage will result in layoffs, reduced hiring, and higher prices at a large chunk of American companies. How severe will those effects be? That remains to be seen, but policymakers will certainly want to be mindful of this reality as they legislate.”

Shared from Kids Prefer Cheese. It will crack you up. Interestingly, there were no women spotted in these pictures.

What is it like to attend a “Magic: The Gathering” tournament? One fat guy with a beard goes around photobombing other fat guys with their butt cracks poking out. But I have it on good authority that this captures the look and feel (ewwww!) of MTG quite well.

Another share from Kids Prefer Cheese on Unprofitable Professors Getting Fired.

A couple of links about the FDA courtesy of Cafe Hayek.

FDA regulations should be safe and effective.

Before approving medical drugs sold on the market, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires companies to demonstrate that the drug meets basic standards of safety and effectiveness. This is a high bar to pass, and Americans expect that officials at the FDA will use sound judgment in deciding which drugs get approved, since these decisions will have profound effects on the health and well-being of the American people. Unfortunately, the experts at the FDA craft regulations based on analysis that would not meet the same rigorous standards the FDA requires from corporations seeking drug approvals. Maybe it’s time that the safety and effectiveness standard applied to drugs should also be applied to regulations.

Kill the FDA (Before it kills again).

The best way to accelerate progress, argues Huber, is to fundamentally rethink drug-approval procedures that date back to the Thalidomide scare that took place during John F. Kennedy’s presidency. “The search for one-dimensional, very simple correlations – one drug, one clinical effect in all patients – is horrendously obsolete,” he says, and that’s only going to get worse as genomic sequencing of humans, tumors, and everything else moves forward. “The FDA should allow other drugs aimed at other complex diseases to follow the trail that HIV and, to a lesser extent, cancer drugs have already blazed.”

A couple of youtube videos:

If Google was a Guy part one and part two.

Pepsi MAX & Jeff Gordon present test drive one and test drive two.

Jimmy Kimmel’s this week in unnecessary censorship (Mar 15, 2014).


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