My thoughts on Jon Stewart’s characterization of Hobby Lobby’s SC case

Recently on his show, Jon Stewart Reveals the Absurdity of Hobby Lobby’s Supreme Court Case. Actually Jon, you revealed the absurdity of our government. The government is dictating the terms of a contract between an employer and employee. Employment and the benefits attached to employment, i.e. health insurance and salary, are a contract between two private citizens. If an employer doesn’t want to have certain options available in the healthcare insurance THEY provide to THEIR employees, they should be able to do that without having to file a lawsuit. Participating in their insurance coverage, heck even working their, is an option. If an employee wants those benefits, they have several options. Work someplace that has coverage of the things you want, refuse their coverage and get it on the exchange, find your own insurance plan, or pay for them out of pocket. Why isn’t anybody pissed that some health insurance plans don’t cover dental and vision? Those are two body parts/functions that are extremely important. It blows me away that we attack Hobby Lobby for wanting to decide what they cover in the health insurance plan THEY offer to THEIR employees. Why are we letting government decide what should be in a health insurance plan? Let the market decide. If Hobby Lobby doesn’t want to offer certain services in their health plan, let them do it. If people feel strongly about wanting those services, they will find them covered else where. If that means finding a new job, so be it, and Hobby Lobby may lose some employees. This may hurt business causing them to reconsider adding those services. Initially, health insurance was used as a recruiting feature when wages were frozen. Maybe covering certain services that your competitors don’t, may be the key to better recruiting, better employees, and ultimately profits.


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