Quote for the day

Today’s quote comes from pages 26-27 of Leonard Weber’s 2001 book, Business Ethics in Healthcare.

The reality of limited resources requires that healthcare providers shift from thinking that they should always try to use the best to thinking that they should try to use the least expensive that works well. Patients are not done a disservice when they are provided with good, competent medical care, even when they are not provided a more expensive intervention that might be marginally better. This recognition of the importance of cost in determining what is appropriate use of medical resources is essential if there is to be just and fair allocation of these resources. Meeting community healthcare needs requires keeping an eye on cost.

A majority of people do not realize that healthcare operates on limited resources. It is easy to forget this when someone else is paying the majority of healthcare costs, i.e. insurance companies, employers, and government. The most expensive does not always equate to being the best. We all must be prudent in how we best spend the limited resources of healthcare. In closing, health is more than healthcare, it also includes such areas as lifestyle, environment, and genetics.


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