A different way of looking at stuff in your life

This article is an interesting way of looking at things in your life. Before you go and click on the link, I must warn you that the author drops the f bomb a lot…probably between 100-200 times. If you can wade through the f bomb craters, there is some truth in what he is writing. There are things we should be passionate about, and there are things that are small potatoes that shouldn’t worry us as much as they do. The hard part in life is knowing the difference.


Quote for the day

This quote comes from Robert Graboyes’ commentary on why we need to liberate America’s health care.

The two sides bicker over how to distribute today’s health care rather than empowering others to create tomorrow’s health care. In focusing exclusively on coverage, both sides do much to suppress technological and managerial innovation — delaying the arrival of better, less expensive care.

Quote for the day

This quote comes from an article on NPR, What Herion Addiction Tells Us About Changing Bad Habits.

In this way, Neal says, our environments come to unconsciously direct our behavior…Over time those cues become so deeply ingrained that they are very hard to resist…We sit on the couch and eat ice cream when we don’t need to, despite our best intentions, despite our resolutions.

“We don’t feel sort of pushed by the environment,” Wood says. “But, in fact, we’re very integrated with it.” To battle bad behaviors then, one answer is to disrupt the environment in some way. Even small changes can help — like eating the ice cream with your nondominant hand. What this does is disrupt the learned body sequence that’s driving the behavior, which allows your conscious mind to come back online and reassert control.

“It’s a brief sort of window of opportunity,” Wood says, “to think, ‘Is this really what I want to do?’ “

Habits are behaviors that are repeated over and over, until they become a habit. The research suggests that by disrupting this habitual behavior in same way can help break those habits we find less desirable. Interesting conclusions, but I might have to try my own research tonight with a bowl of ice cream 🙂